Value Your Trade

At Jones Ford Buckeye, we understand how important it is for our Goodyear customers to get the most out of their existing vehicles. When you’re ready to upgrade or make a change, knowing your car’s trade-in value can make all the difference. That’s why we provide a seamless process to help you determine the estimated value of your vehicle!

What Are the Benefits of Valuing Your Trade with Us?

  • Transparent Estimates: We believe in offering fair and transparent estimates, ensuring you get what your vehicle is truly worth.
  • Expert Evaluations: Our team of experts uses the latest market data and comprehensive tools to calculate your trade-in value.
  • Quick Process: Don’t spend hours guessing your car’s worth; get a rapid estimated value from our team.
  • No Obligation: Once you receive your trade-in value, there’s no obligation to sell or trade with us. The choice is yours!

How to Maximize Your Trade-in Value

  • Maintenance Records: Keeping a record of regular maintenance can increase your car’s estimated value.
  • Cleanliness: Presenting a clean, well-maintained vehicle can make a positive impression.
  • Original Parts: Vehicles with original parts or high-quality aftermarket replacements tend to fetch a higher value.

Steps To Get Your Trade-In Value

  1. Fill out our online form with details about your car.
  2. Receive your estimated value based on current market trends.
  3. Bring your vehicle in for a no-obligation inspection and offer.

Remember, understanding the trade-in value of your vehicle is a key step toward making an informed decision about your next car. Jones Ford Buckeye is committed to assisting you every step of the way. Start your journey with us today! If you have further questions, please contact us or stop by our dealership near Avondale and Glendale. Don’t forget to explore our financing options, service specials, huge vehicle inventory, and more! We’re always here to serve you.