Lowest Tax. Lowest Price.

Here a Jones Ford Buckeye, we have one of the lowest tax rates in the valley. It’s true! By staying outside the Metro Phoenix area, we can offer you a significantly reduced tax rate on your next new or previously owned Ford vehicle. While paying tax may be a necessary part of the car buying experience, the rate you pay can actually fluctuate by a whole percent or more depending on where you buy. That’s a difference of hundreds of dollars on the price tag of your next vehicle, and it can be easily avoided by simply buying in the right place, namely, right here at Jones Ford Buckeye.


	1.1%	2.2%	2.2%	1.2%	1.5%	2.0%	1.8%
	(3% for $2000 or less)		(2.9% for $5000 or less)	(2.5% for $5000 or less)	(2.5% for $5000 or less)	 MESA	
$60,000	$660	$1,320	$1,320	$720	$900	$1,200	$1,080
SAVINGS		$660	$660	$60	$240	$540	$420
$50,000	$550	$1,100	$1,100	$600	$750	$1,000	$900
SAVINGS		$550	$550	$50	$200	$450	$350
$40,000	$440	$880	$880	$480	$600	$800	$720
SAVINGS		$440	$440	$40	$160	$360	$280
$30,000	$330	$660	$660	$360	$450	$600	$540
SAVINGS		$330	$330	$30	$120	$270	$210


When it comes to saving you money on your next Ford vehicle, the Jones Ford Buckeye team is here to help at every single step of the Ford buying journey. We’ve worked hard to maintain our small-town buying experience, and now you can reap the rewards. For more information about tax rates, pricing, or anything else you want to know about buying a new Ford, get in touch with us here at the dealership today!



Of course, that’s just one way that Jones Ford Buckeye helps you get the Ford you’ve been driving in your dreams. In addition to our low tax rate, we also offer a fully stocked selection of new and previously owned Ford vehicles. No matter what you are looking for, and regardless of the budget you are working with, we are confident that we can find you the perfect ride for your needs right here on the showroom floor. Add to that our team of friendly experts and enthusiasts, and you have a Ford buying experience that’s almost as much fun as the Ford driving experience. When you are ready to get started, we encourage you to have a look at our online inventory, and if you see something you like get in contact to book your test drive.


Your new Ford is ready and waiting for you right here at Jones Ford Buckeye!