Where to Drive Your Expedition at the Grand Canyon

About four hours north of Buckeye is Grand Canyon National Park, one of the most popular geological phenomena in the world. It attracts 5 million visitors to Arizona each year, mainly to gaze in awe at the deeply-carved gorge formed by the Colorado River over millions of years, but also to ride mules, hike, camp, white-water raft, and take helicopter tours.

Where do you go if you want to drive?

According to a recent article by Ford, the best place to take your Ford Expedition is Desert View Drive. A 25-mile stretch of this road follows along the contours of the South Rim of the canyon, where some of the most iconic views can be seen from behind the wheel. Of course, there are also plenty of areas to pull over and take pictures, or have the most scenic picnic in world, and access to trails, like the Grandview Trail.

Ford names five more amazing National Park drives at Glacier National Park, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Adirondacks. Pack up your SUV today, and take advantage of the cavernous cargo space, voluminous seating, and optional voice-activate navigation of a new Expedition from Jones Ford Buckeye.

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